Camera Glue Inspection For Foldergluer Machines

All glue inspection systems are monitored and driven by a 12“ Touch screen as standard control panel.
A data analyzer, an encoder frequency divisor and a stroboscopic illuminator are installed inside the electrical cabinet. The touch screen displays all the pictures taken by the system in real time. In case of faulty boxes detected by the system, the last faulty box can be displayed pressing the appropriate key. Up to 200 photos of faulty boxes can be saved by the system.

  • Black & White 640X480 pixels resolution camera, more than 120 frames/second 32 high efficiency led stroboscopic camera illuminator Maximum speed 360 m/min up to 4 connected cameras
  • Right side stainless steel support for camera and illuminator OR left side stainless steel support for camera and illuminator
  • Illuminator driver
  • Encoder divider
  • Extractor/kicker/marker drivers
  • Low noise and 5 meters of extra protected camera cable 5 meters illuminator cable
  • Compatible with any brand of gluing system on the market
Technical Features
  • Control 100% guaranteed on every type of support
  • Detection 100% guaranteed also for white glue on white cardboard boxes
  • Very easy to use control panel