8 channels control panel as standard

All ERO ® control panels are friendly for the operators and they can drive pneumatic (contact), electromagnetic (NON contact) glue distributors. They can drive combined systems, cold and holtmelt glue distributors, installed on the same machine as well.

The standard touch screen and control panel pages are provided by a lot of drawings, pictures and icons to help and make easier the programming and job of the operator.

Technical Features
  • 8 channels control panel as standard
  • Very smart and easy to use
  • Touch screen available
  • Mother board expansion available
  • Up to 8 glue patterns available for each channel/glue distributor
  • Top technology at a reasonable price

The examples show a couple of pages displayed on the touch screen and control panel

iPad, mini iPad and iPhone

The iPad and mini iPad can be used instead of the standard control panel. The manual test of gun cleaning can be carried out from the iPhone.