Extra small electromagnetic glue dispenser

  • Speed: 1500 cycle/sec

  • Top technology at a reasonable price

  • Ceramic stem sphere and nozzle

  • Stainless steel glue distributor

  • Cut down on glue quantity by selecting the dot mode

  • Extra small glue distributor

  • High precision and maximum cleaning

The non contact electromagnetic glue distributor type  GTE-153 is made of stainless steel, with a ceramic stem sphere and nozzle. Thanks to the high precision of the study, the control panel can adjust the glue quantity directly, this is possible increasing the opening time of the valve and so increasing the glue quantity.

  • Glue viscosity range: Min 100mPas, Max 600mPas.
  • Optional: manifold for the installation of a lots of gun.
  • The glue distributor type GTE-153 can work in dots distribution mode up to 300 M/min.
Who needs the glue distributor type gte-153?
  • Company who needs very small glue distributors.
  • Customers with very fast machines.

Speed: 1500 cycle per second
Maximum glue pressure: 14 bar
Weight without any support and accessories:  49 Gr.
Power:  2,5 W
Standard coil:  6VDC, 24 VDC available at request
Standard nozzle:  Ø 0.35mm