Hotmelt Electromagnetic Glue Dispenser

The ERO® gluing systems glue inspections and their spare parts are always ready in our stock. We offer a worldwide assistance & service and we deliver spare parts all around the world within 24 hours.

The electromagnetic GTE-112H hotmelt glue distributor has been studied for very fast application and it can work in the dot distribution mode, which allows to save a considerable quantity of glue. The hotmelt glue distributor can be driven by the ERO® standard control panel and it can be combined on an existing cold system. Each hotmelt glue distributor is provided with a very smart adjustable bracket.

  • Maximum speed: 300 cycles per second
  • High thermal conductivity material
  • Cut down on glue quantity by selecting the dot mode
  • Top technology at a reasonable price
  • Ceramic sphere and nozzle

Maximum glue pressure:  

60 bar

Dimension without any bracket and accessories:  L= 75 mm, H = 97 mm, W = 22 mm
Power:  Bobina 5 W
Resistance:  175 W
Probe:  PT 100

The gluing systems are tested at 20° air temperature with a 900 mPas glue viscosity SUGGESTED GLUE VISCOSITY RANGE: from 500 to 1000 mPas GLUE VISCOSITY. All the ERO® systems are equipped with electromagnetic NON contact glue distributors type GTE-13