Braille Inspection System

All the Braille inspection systems are monitored and driven by a 12“ Touch screen. A data analyser, an encoder frequency divisor and a stroboscopic illuminator are installed inside an electrical cabinet.

The touch screen displays all the pictures taken by the system in real time. In case of faulty codes/boxes detected by the system, the last faulty code can be displayed pressing the appropriate key. Up to 200 photos of faulty boxes can be saved by the system.

Camera Inspection System Working Principle

All the ERO® camera inspection systems (Glue inspection, black & white or colour bar code reader systems and braille inspection) are based on the same working principle. A well-glued box (or a box with a correct bar code or braille code) must be run under the detection/control station camera, and through an auto-learning system, the device takes a picture of this good sample. This sample represents the correct box with a correct gluing pattern (or with a correct bar code or Braille code) accepted by the perator. The picture of this correct sample box will be memorized and constantly compared by the system to all other boxes which run through the machine. The correct box acquired through the auto-learning system will be the sample to which all other boxes must be compared. If other produced boxes which run through the machine are not the same as the accepted sample, the system will recognise these different boxes as faulty. On all  the camera systems the tolerance can be set. After the recognition of a faulty box the camera inspection system is able to mark, eject or kick the faulty boxes. As standard, all the ERO® camera systems can stop the machine or its feeder after a number of faulty boxes previously set.

Control Station
  • Black & White camera 640X480 pixels resolution, over 90 frames/second
  • 32 high effi ciency leds stroboscopic camera illuminator
  • Right side stainless steel support for camera and illuminator OR left side stainless steel support for camera and illuminator
  • Illuminator driver
  • Encoder divider
  • Extractor/kicker/marker driver
  • Low noise and extra shielded 5 meters camera cable
  • 5 meters illuminator cable