Braille Inspection System

ERO-BR verifies that every braille code is correct and conforms to a previous referenced sample. In case a faulty box is detected by the system, the image can be displayed by pressing the appropriate key. Up to 200 images can be saved by the system.

All ERO braille inspection systems are monitored with a 12“ touch screen. A data analyser, an encoder frequency divisor and a stroboscopic illuminator are installed inside an electrical cabinet.

Camera Inspection System Working Principle

All ERO® camera inspection systems for glue, bar code and braille inspection is based on the same working principle.

By running a properly glued box under the glue inspection camera and through the auto-learning system, the device takes a picture of the reference sample. The system memorizes the parameters and compares the sample to all boxes running through the machine. When a box out of the set tolerance thresholds is detected, it is identified as faulty by the system and can be marked and ejected out of the production line. This guarantees a consistent glue pattern and correct bar codes and braille impression on every box.

ERO-BR System features the following items:
  • Black & White camera 640X480 pixels resolution, over 90 frames/second
  • High-efficiency stroboscopic flash camera
  • Illuminator driver
  • Encoder divider
  • Low noise and extra shielded 5 meters camera cable
  • Extractor, kicker and marker drivers available