High pressure gluing system for casemaker/flexo folder-gluer machines


High pressure gluing system for casemaker/flexo-folder-gluer machines

ERO-OE high pressure gluing system has been developed for casemaker/flexo-folder-gluer machines which operate at extremely high speeds.

The ERO-OE system includes the following standard features:
  •  4-channel automatic function control panel, 8 channel with auto function is also available as upgrade.
  • High pressure, double piston ERO® glue pump.
  • High pressure ERO®  flow regulator and 2 complete air treatment groups.
  • Electronic digital proportional valve.
  • Encoder kit includes support and pulley, 2 laser photocells, glue filter, glue air hoses, pump support cover and protection.
  • 3 independent GTE-13/M glue valves, equipped with long lasting ceramic nozzles. The station can be upgraded to feature up to 6 glue valves
  • Bucket fitted with non-return valve, low glue level sensor and alarm
Technical Features
  • Super high-speed production
  • Low maintenance, high reliability
  • Increase glue savings by selecting the dot distribution mode
  • Leading technology at a reasonable price
  • Maximum cleaning and precision

Maximum speed of production: Over 500 m/min.
Maximum error over 500 m/min: +/- 1 mm
Dimension: L =  400 mm, H = 1510 mm, W = 660 mm
Weight: 60 Kg without glue

The gluing system is tested at an air temperature of 20°C with 900 mPas glue viscosity.

High Pressure Glue Pump

All ERO high-pressure systems are provided with a double-piston glue pump specifically designed for the corrugated cardboard industry. While most piston pumps on the market have a single piston, ERO pump features two. The second piston begins its stroke before the first one has finished, thus avoiding any pressure loss.

Pompa colla ERO

Glue Station

The control panel calibrates gluing settings automatically according to the area to be glued. Measurements only have to be set the first time. The control panel will then calibrate the glue settings for the different flaps and boxes automatically.

Control Panel

The 8 channel control panel is usually installed directly onto the casemaker. The control panel is very easy to use and is equipped with an automatic function as standard.