Gluing systems for bottom patching stations on bottomer machines


Bottom Patching Station on Bottomer Machines

Patch reinforcement application

Bottom patching stations strengthen the sack by sealing a patch reinforcement on the bottom. For this purpose, ERO has designed a multiple valve system consisting of two parallel valve banks.

The valve bank on the left side, made by 1 group of 5 non-contact valves and 1 group of 4 non-contact valves has been developed to glue the bottom on the sack body. In consequence, this configuration allows the best optimization of the glue dosage, resulting in big glue savings and minimal glue disposal.

  • Glue dosage optimization
  • Solution adapted to your needs
  • Complete bottom sealing
  • Easy valve adjustment

With the 2 valve banks, the space between dots gets reduced.

Different valves can be used to get the required or most convenient distance between nozzles.

Bottom pasting sample

Bottom patch sealed by glue dots

The unique support bracket allows fast, easy and precise valve positioning.

ERO Electronic gluing systems reduce your glue disposal needs and allow important glue savings at the time they reduce downtime and maintenance.

Learn more about the benefits that ERO technology can bring to your production line and download the complete booklet.

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