Control devices for gluing and quality control systems


iPad, touch screen and keyboard for gluing and quality control systems

iPad and mini iPad are the upgrading of the standard and traditional control panel, allowing independent monitoring from any place.

The gun cleaning manual test can be carried out from an iPhone.

The standard touch screen features an intuitive interface to help the operator with the programming labor. XX

ERO® control devices monitors ERO gluing systems. They can drive both pneumatic (contact) and electromagnetic (non contact) glue applicators.

All ERO devices are able to activate both hot glue guns and cold glue valves even if they are installed on the same machine.

ERO control devices feature:
  • 8 channels control panel as standard
  • Up to 8 glue patterns configuration for each channel/glue distributor
  • Mother board expansion available
  • User-friendly operating

Featuring user-friendly interface, the keyboard controller monitors ERO sensors.