Tab Trim Removal System for Casemakers and Flexo-Folder-Gluers


The ERO® ETR trim removal system has been developed for high-speed casemaker / flexo-folder-gluer machines.

Trim and scrap in the machine compromise the quality of the boxes and its gluing. ERO ETR removes this waste before it reaches the glue station.

The ERO-ETR system includes the following standard features:
  • Top and bottom rotating, motorized blade sets.
  • High-speed motors start automatically when the photocell detects products the machine.
  • Slow speed option guarantees operator safety.
  • Mounting bracket package and electric box included.
  • High reliability

  • Low maintenance

  • Extra high speed

  • Low consumption

  • Compact and low weight design

Vulkollan brushes length: 250 mm
Electric Motors speed: 2,000 rpm
Dimmensions: 220 mm wide x 450 mm high
Weight: 4 Kg