ERO-ETR Tab Trim Removal System for Casemaker & Flexo-Folder-Gluer


Tab Trim Removal System for Casemakers and Flexo-Folder-Gluers


ERO trim removal system has been developed for high-speed casemaker / flexo-folder-gluer machines.

Trim and scrap in the machine compromise the quality of the boxes and its gluing. ERO ETR removes this waste before it reaches the glue station.

The ERO-ETR system includes the following standard features:
  • Top and bottom rotating, motorized blade sets.
  • High-speed motors start automatically when the photocell detects products the machine.
  • Slow speed option guarantees operator safety.
  • Mounting bracket package and electric box included.

The system is driven by two high-speed electric motors that automatically start when product is detected in the machine.

For security reasons, the device runs at two different speeds, operating at fast speed just while boxes are running under the photo-eye.

  • High reliability

  • Low maintenance

  • Extra high speed

  • Low consumption

  • Compact and low weight design

Vulkollan brushes length: 250 mm
Electric Motors speed: 2,000 rpm
Dimmensions: 220 mm wide x 450 mm high
Weight: 4 Kg

Visual System Status Panel

ERO-ETR features an intuitive status panel. At a simple glance, users will be able to understand the status of their trim remover system, quickly identifying if the system is running, ready to work, or the type of issue occurring.