GTE-112H Electromagnetic hot melt applicator for folding carton


Hot Melt Electromagnetic Glue Applicator

GTE-112H electromagnetic distributor has been studied for hot melt applications working at high speeds.

Made of high thermal conductive material with ceramic stem sphere and nozzle, the GTE-112H applicator prevents glue blockage within and outside the nozzle.

GTE-112H dot distribution mode allows considerable glue savings. The dispensed glue amount can be adjusted by setting the knob on the head of the gun.

  • Maximum speed of 300 cycles per second

  • Dot distribution mode for glue savings

  • Slides for automatic nozzles cleaning

  • Ceramic sphere and nozzle

Maximum glue pressure: 60 bar
Applicator dimensions:  L= 75 mm, H = 97 mm, W = 22 mm
Power:  Bobina 5 W
Resistance:  175 W
Probe:  PT 100
Maximum glue pressure: 60 bar
Maximum glue viscosity: 2000 mPas