Extra High Speed Linear Glue Inspection Sensor for Folding Carton


Extra High Speed Sensor Linear Glue Inspection

ERO-SIT sensor verifies that a correct glue pattern has been applied to every carton and guarantees a perfectly glued box.

Based on a moisture sensor concept, the system analyzes the level of humidity in the glue applied on each box and compares it to the set tolerance range to identify good and non-conforming boxes. Additionally, it can identify excess, shortage and absence of glue on the boxes.

  • Smart and easy to use linear glue inspection

  • Extra high speed production: over 300 m/min

  • Complete device installed from underneath

  • Control 100% guaranteed

  • High technology at a reasonable price

  • Reduced size

ERO-SIT glue inspection sensor

Control panel keyboard: L=270 mm, H=170 mm, W=50 mm.
Driver box size:  L=270 mm, H=300 mm, W=170 mm


As standard, all the ERO® camera and sensor inspection systems can stop the line or feeder after a number of faulty boxes previously set has been reached. Optionally, marker device, extractor and kicker keep the production line free from faulty product.

Tank & marking valve
Extractor for small faulty boxesExtractor for small boxes