Production of electronic gluer systems - ERO® S.r.l.

ERO Gluing Systems

ERO® S.r.l. is a leading company specialized since 1994 in the production of electronic gluer systems for compact,  corrugated cardboard boxes, and paper bag & sack manufacturing.
We are known and appreciated by our customers for the standing technical assistance we guarantee, not only in the first step of installation, but also in any occasion it would be requested by the customer.


Founded in 1994, ERO Gluing Systems entered the Paper Converting Industries by offering innovative designed Electronic Gluing Systems to folding carton and corrugated box manufacturers.

ERO Gluing Systems is well known in the field of the cardboard industry for its reliable and long-lasting gluing systems, as well as for the outstanding technical assistance provided to our users from the very first steps of installation.

Since 2016, ERO Gluing Systems is part of the Valco Melton group, a world-leading manufacturer of adhesive dispensing equipment and quality inspection systems. This alliance implies a step forward, allowing ERO to expand its reach worldwide, benefiting from a stronger support and service globally, while keeping the attention to detail that has been in our core from the beginning.



Working in a close relationship with manufacturers, ERO has engineered compact, reliable and competitive gluing and inspection systems accessible for any company willing to deliver only flawless products to their customers.

ERO cold glue applicators perform at the highest speeds. Single or modular, they all feature ceramic stem spheres and nozzles to prevent glue blockage. By working on dot mode, ERO guns allow for important glue savings while preserving the bond quality. Sustainability is another area where we have dedicated a special effort in the last years, developing an optimal solution for working with compostable glue.

To guarantee a defect-free end product, ERO Gluing Systems offers a complete range of control cameras and sensors to inspect glue patterns, bar codes, Braille, as well as windows in cartons and boxes.