Medium pressure gluing system for folder-gluer machines


Medium pressure gluing system for folder-gluer machines

*Optional aluminium structure and casters, not included in the ERO-TEMS basic package.

The ERO-TEMS system includes the following standard features:
  • 4-8 channels control panel available, iPad as HMI, driver box and software.

  • Medium-pressure single-piston 5:1 ratio pump, directly installed on the glue bucket.

  • Electromagnetic glue applicator type GTE-13/S.

  • Complete device optionally equipped with check valve and low glue level alarm.

  • Encoder with support and pulley, sensor, glue filter, glue air hoses, pump support fitted with sliding device and cover.

  • Extra high-speed production

  • Low maintenance & easy handling

  • Maximum reliability at high speeds

  • Dot distribution for glue savings

  • Advanced technology at a competitive price

Maximum speed of production: Over 350 m/min.
Maximum error at 350 m/min: +/- 1 mm