We are all aware of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the effect that is having on everyday life, creating a situation of business not quite as usual.

As normal in-person visits and meetings are limited we want you to know that ERO’s customer service, technical support and sales teams remain available through your customary contact channels. We are continuing to design, manufacture and deliver all of our products as usual from our facilities around the world. We are monitoring the evolving situation closely and prioritizing the safety of our employees and the citizens in our communities as we get updates from local, state and federal governments on the best road keep our business running as usual.

As we navigate through these challenging times with you, we will have new correspondence as changes in the situation occur.

Company Profile

ERO® S.r.l. is a leading company specialized since 1994 in the production of electronic gluing systems for compact and corrugated cardboard boxes. In the last period, some other gluing systems have been developed, like the system for the paper bags, wood, sacks and other special applications. Our company is well known since many years in the field of the cardboard industry for its  reliability and its long lasting gluer systems and is present on the national and foreign market,

being the supplier of the most prestigious manufacturers of folding machines and casemaker. In 2001 ERO® has introduced a new electronic glue system on the market. The new system with its electronic glue distributors was received positive by ERO®’s customers, resulting in a higher than expected number of installations all over Europe in the years that followed. To further expand its product range, in 2005 the glue detector system for foldergluer and casemaker,

the bar code reader system, the Braille and Fish tail devices were introduced. We are known and appreciated by our customers for the standing technical assistance we guarantee, not only in the first step of installation, but also in any occasion it would be requested by the customer.

shipping worldwide within 24 hours

up to 50% glue saving

more than 3000 gluing systems sold

hundreds service points worldwide

“We saved lots of time and money because ERO® gluing systems don’t require any daily washing process”


The iPad and mini iPad can be used instead of the standard control panel. The manual test of gun cleaning can be carried out from the iPhone.


High pressure gluing system for folder-gluer machines

The high pressure gluing system has been developed for extra high speed folder-gluer machines


Gluing system for casemaker / flexo foldergluer

Cut down on glue quantities by selecting the dot mode