Camera-controlled Glue Inspection System


Extra-High Speed Glue Inspection Camera

ERO-OC glue inspection system is controlled from a 12“ touch screen control or iPad, which provides real-time images of the production line, and can also display pictures of the last faulty box detected, for an in-depth gluing defect analysis. The system takes a picture of each box produced, up to 200 photos of faulty boxes can be saved. A data analyzer, encoder frequency divisor and stroboscopic illuminator are installed within an electrical cabinet.

The control station is supplied with the following as standard:
  • Black & white camera.
  • Maximum speed: 350 m/min.
  • 128 high-efficiency LED stroboscopic camera illuminator.
  • Right side support for camera and illuminator OR left side support for camera and illuminator.
  • Illuminator driver.
  • Encoder divider.
  • Marker driver.
  • Low noise and 5 meters of protected camera cable.
  • 5 meters of illuminator cable.
Control Devices12" Touch Screen or Ipad Control
Technical Features
  • 100% Glue control guaranteed for every type of color and format

  • Pictures are taken and shown in real time

  • Leading technology, fully compatible with the majority of glue systems

  • Complete report of production can be saved and printed

  • Easy handling

Specifications and tolerances:

  • Smallest readable dot = Ø1.5 at 200 meters/minute.
  • Adjustable tolerance threshold to measure if glue levels are too low or too high.
  • Adjustable tolerance threshold for shifted glue pattern position at the beginning or at the end of glue patterns (Min. tolerance = 1 mm).
Optional Features

Marker Device for Faulty Boxes

Faulty box marking system available as an option.

ERO-ETR Tab-Trim Removal System

ERO-ETR removes tab trim and scrap before they reach the glue station.

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ERO-ETR Tab Trim Removal System