Camera-controlled Glue Inspection System


Camera-controlled Glue Inspection System for Casemaker/Flexo Folder-gluer Machines

All ERO glue inspection systems are run by a 12“ touch screen control panel as standard. A data analyzer, encoder frequency divisor and stroboscopic illuminator are installed within an electrical cabinet. The touch screen provides real-time images of all the pictures taken by the system. If the system detects faulty boxes then the last faulty box can be displayed by pressing the appropriate key. This will also allow for an in-depth analysis into the gluing fault.

Technical Features
  • 100% Glue control guaranteed for every type of color and format
  • The system takes a picture of each box produced, up to 200 photos of faulty boxes can be saved
  • Pictures are taken and shown in real time
  • Very easy to use
  • Leading technology, fully compatible with the majority of glue systems
  • Complete report of production can be saved and printed
The control station is supplied with the following as standard:
  • 640 x 480 pixel resolution, black & white camera, more than 90 frames/second.
  • Maximum speed: 350 m/min.
  • 128 high-efficiency LED stroboscopic camera illuminator.
  • Right side support for camera and illuminator OR left side support for camera and illuminator.
  • Illuminator driver.
  • Encoder divider.
  • Marker driver.
  • Low noise and 5 meters of protected camera cable.
  • 5 meters of illuminator cable.
Working Principle

A well-glued box runs under the glue inspection camera and through the auto-learning system.The device takes a picture of this good sample: a box with the correct gluing pattern previously set by the operator. The system will memorize a picture of this glued box and constantly compare it to all other boxes that run through the machine. If the other glued boxes run through the machine are not the same as the accepted sample in terms of volume and/or position, the system will recognize these different boxes as faulty. This means that the glue pattern will be the same on each box produced, within the tolerance thresholds established during system set-up. After recognizing the faulty boxes, the glue detection system is able to mark them using specific optional devices.

Optional Features

Specifications and tolerances:

  • Smallest readable dot = Ø1.5 at 200 meters/minute.
  • Adjustable tolerance threshold to measure if glue levels are too low or too high.
  • Adjustable tolerance threshold for shifted glue pattern position at the beginning or at the end of glue patterns (Min. tolerance = 1 mm).