Extra High Speed Sensor Window Inspection

  • Extra high speed production
  • Control 100% guaranteed
  • High technology at a reasonable price
  • Smart control panel and easy to use
  • Reduced size

The system can be equipped with 1 or 2 photo-eyes. Control 100% guaranteed of all the windows on the produced boxes.

Control panel keyboard: L=270 mm, H=170 mm, W=50 mm. The size includes lamp, knob and control panel support.
Driver box size: L=270 mm, H=300 mm, W=170 mm

As standard, all the ERO® camera and sensor inspection systems can stop the machine or its feeder after a number of faulty boxes previously set optionals such as extractor, kicker or marker can be installed on all the ERO® systems.


Specification and tolerances

Smallest readable dot = Ø1.5 at 200 meters/minute. Adjustable tolerance threshold to measure whether glue levels are too low or too high. Adjustable tolerance threshold for shifted glue pattern position at the beginning or at the end of glue patterns (Min. tolerance = 1mm).


Marker and its distributor GTE-10

Extractor for small boxes

Marker and its distributor GTE-10