ERO-SIO Camera-controlled Glue Inspection System


Extra-High Speed Glue Inspection Camera

ERO-SIO Camera Sensor

ERO-SIO identifies excess, shortage and absence of glue on the boxes. Based on a moisture sensor concept, the system analyzes the level of humidity in the glue applied on each box and compares it to the set tolerance range to identify good and non-conforming boxes.

iPad, keyboard or touchscreen as control device
Technical Features
  • High-speed production

  • Reliable & easy handling

  • Leading technology at a reasonable price

  • Smart control panel

  • Compact design

Control panel dimensions

L = 350 mm, H = 250 mm, W = 190 mm

Drivers box dimensions

L= 270 mm, H = 300 mm, W = 170 mm

Optional Features

Marker Device for Faulty Boxes

Faulty Box Marking System includes marking valve and fluid tank used for marking the detected faulty boxes.

ERO-ETR Tab-Trim Removal System

ERO-ETR removes tab trim and scrap before they reach the glue station.

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ERO-ETR Tab Trim Removal System