Non-contact electromagnetic single & modular glue gun

  • The GTE-12/S (single) & the GTE-13/M (modular) glue distributors are made of stainless steel, with a ceramic stem sphere and nozzle.
  • This choice of materials results in the prevention of glue sticking to the outside and inside of the nozzle.
  • As an optional, an auto-cleaning slide can be installed on this glue dispenser. The glue quantity can be adjusted by setting the knob on the head of the glue distributor.
  • The glue dot mode saves large quantities of glue. Maximum speed operating on dot mode: 210 m/min.
  • The GTE-13/S is tested at 20° air temperature and with 900 mPas glue viscosity.
Technical Features
  • Extra high speed production
  • Top technology at a reasonable price
  • Ceramic stem sphere and nozzle
  • Cut down on glue quantities selecting the dot mode
  • High precision and maximum cleaning

Maximum speed: 1000 cycle/sec.
Dimension without any support or accessories:  L= 52 mm, H = 122 mm, W = 20 mm
Weight without any support or accessories:  GTE-13/S: 0,300 Kg
GTE-13/M: 0,320 Kg
Power:  5 W
Standard coil:  6VDC, 24 VDC available at request
Ugello standard:  1 hole Ø 0.4 mm (available at request: 0.6 and 0.8 mm) and 0,4 mm 2 hole 60°
Maximum glue pressure:  28 bar
Glue viscosity range:  Min. 500 mPas, Max. 1200 mPas