Non-contact electromagnetic single & modular glue gun


Non-contact electromagnetic single & modular glue gun

The GTE-13S and GTE-13M single and modular applicators can operate at the highest speeds. These non-contact electromagnetic guns can reach 210 m/min when working in dot mode.

GTE-13S Single Applicator
Technical Features
  • Extra high speed production

  • Top technology at a reasonable price

  • Ceramic stem sphere and nozzle

  • Cut down on glue quantities selecting the dot mode

  • High precision and maximum cleaning

ERO® electromagnetic glue distributors type GTE-13 feature ceramic stem spheres and nozzles that prevent and inhibit glue blockage.

Sliders for automatic cleaning are available as an option. When no box is detected by the machine for more than 1 second, sliders automatically closes and clean the nozzle.

GTE-13 guns can apply in dot-mode in order to save a considerable quantity of glue while preserving the bonding quality.

Maximum speed: 1000 cycle/sec.
Dimension:  L= 52 mm, H = 122 mm, W = 20 mm
Weight:  GTE-13/S: 0,300 Kg
GTE-13/M: 0,320 Kg
Power:  5 W
Standard coil:  6VDC, 24 VDC available at request
Standard nozzle: 

1 hole Ø 0.4 mm (available size: 0.6 and 0.8 mm) and 2 holes nozzle

Maximum glue pressure:  28 bar
Glue viscosity range:  Min. 500 mPas, Max. 1200 mPas

GTE-13M Modular Applicator