Low pressure gluing system for casemaker/flexo folder-gluer machines


Simplified Low Pressure Gluing System for Casemaker/FlexoFoldergluer Machines

ERO-OS simplified, low-pressure gluing system has been developed to work on high-speed casemaker/flexo-folder-gluer machines.

The ERO-OS system includes the following standard features:
  • 2 or 4-channel control panel with automatic function
  • Low-pressure, double-diaphragm glue pump, directly installed on the glue bucket
  • Low-pressure flow regulator and complete air treatment group
  • Electronic digital proportional valve
  • Complete encoder with support and pulley, 1 photo-eye, glue filter, glue air hoses, pump support and cover
  • 1 complete GT-09 glue station equipped with flap guides for the carton
  • Glue bucket with reinforced cover filter and non-return valve
Technical Features
  • Precise application with perfect cut-off

  • Super high-speed production

  • Low maintenance, high reliability

  • Dot mode for glue savings

  • Leading technology at a reasonable price

Maximum speed of production: Over 210 m/min.
Maximum error over 500 m/min: +/- 1 mm
Dimension: L =  400 mm, H = 1200 mm, W = 770 mm
Weight: 25 Kg without glue


The GT-09 glue stations are equipped with either 2/4 exit nozzles or 3 exit nozzles, and can be installed on the right or on the left, to work top-down or bottom-up.

OS Gluing Station

The control panel is usually installed directly onto the casemaker/flexo-folder-gluer machine.