ERO-GTE 153 Cold Glue Applicator for high-speed machines


Compact electromagnetic cold glue applicator

Designed for high-speed machines, the non-contact applicator type ERO-GTE 153 can reach speeds of up to 300 m/min. Its compact size allows an easy installation in narrow spaces. It fits in almost any machine.

GTE-153 Compact Cold Glue Applicator

Made of stainless steel, the GTE-153 cold glue applicator features ceramic stem sphere and nozzle that prevent and inhibit glue blockage. The high precision technology allows total control of the adhesive dispensed. From a control panel, the valve open time can be precisely adjusted to customize the glue pattern. The quantity of glue applied in each dot or bead and the distance between dots can be tailored according to each specific product.

The Model GTE-153 glue valve can apply in dot-mode in order to obtain considerable glue savings while preserving the bonding.

  • Maximum speed of 1500 cycle/sec

  • Advanced technology at a reasonable price

  • Dot distribution mode for glue savings

  • Compact size

  • Repeatable accuracy and precise cut-off

Maximum speed:

1500 cycle per sec.

Maximum glue viscosity:

500 mPas

Dimmensions: L= 60,42 mm, H= 55,60, W= 10 mm
Weight: 49 Kg

GTE-153 Compact Gun