ERO-MSC Camera-Controlled Compact Glue Inspection System


Compact Glue Inspection Camera System for Folder-Gluer Machines
ERO-MSC Glue Inspection Camera

ERO-MSC  inspection system detects any defect in the glue patterns of the folding cartons on the production line. It provides real-time images and displays pictures of every faulty box for an in-depth defect analysis.

The system features a GTE-13/S glue applicator and an extra slim black & white camera. Both can be monitored from a control screen, that shows pictures in real time.

MSC inspection camera is monitored and driven by a proprietary touch screen or an iPad.

  • Extra high-speed inspection

  • Reports in real time

  • Reliable and easy handling

  • Smart design

  • Compact size

Resolution:  640X480 pixels
Frame rate:  160 frame/sec.
Maximum speed: 550 m/min.


As standard, all the ERO® camera and sensor inspection systems can stop the line or feeder after a number of faulty boxes previously set has been reached. Optionally, marker device, extractor and kicker keep the production line free from faulty product.

Kicker for faulty boxesKicker
Extractor for small faulty boxesExtractor for small boxes